David Kitt – Me And My Love tab

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Artist : David Kitt
Song   : Me and my love

Tabbed : by The Word Wiz

Intro fill (N.B..intro is played twice over)

E--3-3-2----3-3-2---------------3-3-2-----| X2B---------------------2-2-2---------------|G-------2-2-------2-2-------2-2-------2-2-|D-----------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------|
Verse 1 D Me, and my love A had our heads D hanging down, It's a D hard road to walk A but a song D -A turned it round Chorus D Em You, you got what I need Em A they say this never ends A they say this never ends oh D Em You, you got what i need Em A they say this never ends A they say this never ends Verse 2..(same chords as verse 1) Can't understand how we're feeling so blue, when we Got what we need just to see the day through Chorus Repeat Intro fill X2 Bridge X2 D Come on baby now dont frown D we'll move through shadows on the ground Drive off in the rain A D-G..(G here is optional) 'til the sun sets late again (repeat bridge again) Chorus refrain..(N.B refrain played 4 times over until the end) D..... Em Em A ..da da dahh, da da dah da da da da da da dah dah, dah dah da Fade out thats it...enjoy...oh and rate and comment please..thanks
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