David Lee Roth - Wa Wa Zat tab

Song: Wa Wa Zat!!
Artist: David Lee Roth
Written by: John Lowery,Bob Marlett
Lyrics by: David Lee Roth
Guitarst: John Lowery
Song Rateing: 5 of 5   
Solo Rateing: 5 of 5
Album: DLR Band
tabed by: Per "Pogo,Mw Gacy" Stenberg
fanta98@hotmail.com or pogo@pianotabs.net

GREAT song and briljant guitar playing by John Lowery (Who is currently
working in Marilyn Manson as John5)!!! The solo is a master piece (So is the
solo in "Little Texas") and the lead guitart in the verse is the best!!!
It took me forever to tab and I'm not 100% sure of this tab...h=hammer-on
p=pull of
T=Tap with the end of your finger
/=Slide down
\=Slide up
.=palm muted

Intro/Chours/Break/Main Riff/Outro(Use wah-wah on the first 2 notes)----------------------------------------------33-6/7-6/7\6---33-6/7-6/7\6---11------------
Verse (Solo)(This one of the things that I'm not 100% sure on) -17p14----14---------------------------------------------17----17p14---------------------------------------------------16-14-----------------12h13h14----------------------------------12h13h14----------------------------------12h13h14-------------------------------------------------------------------
Verse (Rhymth)
Solo This a execlent solo but the taping was VERY hard to tab The ending is not in becase I did have the power to tab it but it is not that hard...just do some taping and move slowy to the first freths...
T T T T -17p10h12p10h16p10h12p10h17p10h12p10h16p10h12p10- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- That is every riff in that song... I have done better tabs but this one was a pain in the ass... Comments? fanta98@hotmail.com or pogo@pianotabs.net
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