David Nail – Clouds chords ver. 2

David Nail
I'm About to Come Alive
Capo 4th Fret


G Emadd9Well, the turn signal's clicking and the seconds are slipping away
Cadd9 Emadd9Just a little bit more of this turnpike and so much to say
G Emadd9The airport traffic it slows us to a still
Cadd9 D/Dsus9/DsusYou turn the radio down and leave one hand on the wheel
(same progression as verse) Well, I don't know how to tell ya what you wanna hear You see guys like me, we just disappear And you deserve someone who'll never leave But girl the last few days are the best we'll ever be Chorus:
G Emadd9 Isn't every goodbye a chance to become
Cadd9 D A bittersweet memory for someone
G Emadd9Don't you ever look back with regret
Cadd9 DShare with me a moment for all time
GIn a corner of your mind
G-Emadd9-Cadd9-D/Dsus9/Dsus Same as previous verse If you've never seen New England in the fall Should you find yourself up there give me a call But before I make my way into the crowd Could I share one more kiss while we're still in the clouds?
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