David Nail - Looking For A Good Time chords

Capo 2
G-C-GIf heaven's where your soul gets fed
Your hell is an empty bed But it's (C) never hard to keep it full There ain't too many arms you have to pull (G) 'Cause you think that you're getting love But they know they're just getting some And (C) deep inside you know it's true But you don't dare believe it, (G) do you? Do you? Chorus: You just lay it (C) down like a quarter on the railroad track (Em) If it (D) sticks to the wheel you're never gonna get it back (C) It won't do you no good to change your mind (Em) 'Cause (D) it already fell off (C) somewhere down the line Now (D) all the boys call you when they're (C) looking for a good time Looking for a good time (Em-C-Em-C) These (G) days they call it casual Well, that just (Em) means they'll leave when they get full Yeah, they (C) say you're cool 'cause you don't care But in the morning you always cry if they're not (G) there (D) And you think if (G) they could only see you now But I (Em) swear they'd do it anyhow 'Cause they'll say (C) anything to play the part But they don't give a damn about your (Em) heart, your heart (D) Chorus (D) You say you never tell the (C) boys how bad you need (G) it (D) But every scream is your (C) prayer (D) You say, "I love you" and you (C) swear you didn't mean (Em) it (A) 'Cause you both agree this would go (C) nowhere Someday (G) I hope that you get tired Of (Em) waking up with thieves and liars Maybe (C) you'll go searching for the truth The kind that ain't written on a phone (Em) booth, no, no (D) Chorus
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