David Pack – I Just Cant Let Go chords

By: Mine Valeroso (bmev13@yahoo.com)

Intro: E  Am (2x)

EOh, what's the matter baby?
AmIs the truth too hard to hear?
E Bm Well, I think you know I'm not the one who lied.
ENow it's all behind us
AmAnd we both play out our lives
E BmBut the years don't change the way I feel inside.
AbSo I'll play the game now
AbThough it feels the same now
C#mAre you missin' me?
F#mWell, baby, just be aware
AOf how much I still care
BOh, I need your love...
E AbI gave to you my heart and soul
C#m ANow I just need to let you know
Abm Db7 F#m B Am E Am EYou're part of me that I just can't let go.
EWell, tell me something baby,
AmIs there still something inside
E BmTo remind you of the way it used to be?
EAnd how the years they go by
AmStill there's something I must say
E BmNo one ever could have loved you more than me.
AbSo I'm passin' time now
AbWishin' you were mine now
C#mAre you missin' me?
F#mWell, you know it's not too late
AOh, how long must I wait?
BOh, to hear you say..
(Repeat chorus) (Bridge)
F#mAnd I need your love
AbmAnd I need your love
A Everywhere I go there's a memory
F#mIf you can't decide on me
AbmWell, you gotta make up your mind
A 'Cause some day you're gonna find
B You just might need me
(Instrumental) E Am E Am
F#mWell, baby just be aware
AOf how much I still care
BOh, I need your love
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