David Rovics - Black Flag Flying chords

Black Flag Flying

AmCome all you sailors near and far
You honest men know who you are
FAll of you who'd dare be free
AmCombine with us upon the sea
FTogether we will drink a toast
CRide the wind on down the coast
GSee the merchant ship to board
FRaise a jar and swing a sword
EmWatch to see the merchant captain crying
F G AmWhen they see the black flag flying
The war with Spain is over now No more Jack over the bow We fight for no one but our class We're gonna kick some captain's ass All you who'd live before you die Come give an honest life a try Sail beneath the skull and bones Pay no heed to crowns and thrones No more greedy princes lying When you sail with the black flag flying No more whips and no more chains To live free or die is what remains If life is too short either way You might as well live free today All for one and one for all We'll board the ship and make the call Join us, all you good men And have your liberty again Watch the crew now leave their captain frying As they come sail with the black flag flying Here's to Fly and Roberts, brave and true And Mary Kelly's gallant crew It seems to me the world is ours Watch as the mighty Navy cowers We have no nation but the sea No creed but that we will live free We'll loot and burn all that we can That's run by a dishonest man Their end is near and there is no denying When they see the black flag flying If I could predict the future then I would But all I know is this is good 1720 is the year And there is nothing left to fear We may live or we may die Perhaps our destiny is nigh I don't know what the future may hold But I know these ships are filled with gold That was stolen from the poor as we lay dying So let us sail with the black flag flying
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