David Singer - Cost Of Living tab

Artist: David Singer
Song: Cost of Living
Album: Cost of Living
Tabbed by: Don Tago
email: recebedou@yahoo.com

Standard Tuning (Capo II)

Verse 1:
G          Em7        G               Em7               F
amy's not having any fun. fishing for compliments from anyone.
               C                  G  F#/D
searching the room for ammunition. 
G                Em7            G                 Em7            F
pretending her feelings aren't hurt. raising the hemline on her skirt. 
             C               G   F#/D   
calling it women's intuition. 
C                    G            C              Em
she swallows some confidence. extracts a cigarette. 
              C                     G               D
a gentleman lights the fuse. that dangles from her fingers. 
C               G              C               Em
it may be last call. but amy isn't finished yet. 
                   C                  G               F      D
she feels herself warming. where his blurry vision lingers. 

Verse 2:
G        Em7              G                   Em7             F
at his apartment on the couch. she kisses the corners of his mouth. 
             F                     G   F#/D
prepares for subtraction and addition. 
C            Am               G
she quietly gathers up her clothes. (thanks for the drinks you paid for) 
C                  Am             G
looks out at the houses in their rows. (i've gotten what i came for) 
Em                   C               Am              G       F#/D    Em
there's always been part of me. that no one really knows. and so it goes. 
   C                 G                C              G
i never could have lived that life. a mannequin. somebody's wife. 
     C                G           D
the cost of living's worth it i suppose. 

Trumpet Solo:

C                       G               C             Em
she walks through the lobby. with her panties in her purse. 
C                  G             C                D
she's asking the doorman. for directions to the subway. 
C                  G            C                   Em
she doesn't need magazines. to tell her what she's worth. 
C                G                   C               F            D
she left him a note that said. i'll call you maybe sunday maybe monday. 
G      Em7                     G                      Em7         F
amy revolves through the front door. she's never been anybody's whore. 
                   C                   Am   G
she gets what she wants. it makes her happy
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