Dawes – So Well chords ver. 2


4/4 Gtr I H E E a E E W|----------------|-0----||--------------3-|-0----||--------0-2S4---|-0----||----------------|-2----||----------------|-2----||----------------|-0----|
Em Asus4 AI am an old old sailor
C G CWith a future much shorter than his past
Em Asus4 AI live alone, I do not wander
C G CA world that just slips further from my grasp
And from my home I watch the people Struggle through the burden of each day That's where Marie sweet and gentle Smiles to me when she passes on her way
G B7/F# EmAnd she does it so well
C G B7/F# EmShe pulls me out of times cruel spell
C G B7/F# EmFor long enough to finally tell
C G C GThat nothing is wrong
I am a boy, I am a child With those simple dreams still burning in my heart I've known Marie for a while She shows me where all my beginnings are And once a week she takes me dancing She shows me friends and places I never knew And it always ends watching her leaving With a man she knows don't understand what loneliness will make you do And she does it so well She shows me where my dreams dwell She shows me how to find myself And that nothing is wrong I am a lonely singer With a song for every feeling I cannot name And I find Marie in every measure And somehow the clearer it becomes the longer she's away And she does it so well I was still falling in love when she said farewell For long enough to finally tell That nothing is wrong...that nothing is wrong OUTRO: G to C for a bit before ending with INTRO lick. Enjoy! Daniel.Difranco@gmail.com
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