Dbsk – Love Bye Love chords

Hi!! I just discovered this by myself like
2 months after Mirotic came out. i wonder why uri Micky really
put somewhat easy chords to play
i thought it was hard!! but later
i know he cant play guitar =__= free to correct me!

Title : Love Bye Love
Artist: TVXQ!
Album: MIROTIC C.Ver


F G Em Am

(Note: you do it just like in the song sounds. but when you do the Em, you strum the
very first string (in this case is the bass. the one which sounds the lowest), skip to the
next third string, the fourth and you just put your finger in the fifth string on the 
third fret *hard explanation, eh* ,strum it and just go directly to Am and strum like usual.
the point is just do like the song does! but if you have your version it's gonna be okay...)

Just play F G Em Am through out the song. Enjoy! ^^

Always keep the faith!
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