Dc Talk - Jesus Freak tab

Here is the true version of the song, from the original songbook. It is correct and hope 
helps some guys out there.

Standard Tuning

x = Dead Note
~ = Let Ring

Intro : Playing Soft and in a steel string Acoustic Sound. (1x):e:-----------------------------------|B:-----------------------------------|G:-------------------7-7--x----------|D:-2-2--2---5-5--5---7-7--x---9~-9-9-|A:-2-2--2---5-5--5---5-5--x---9~-9-9-|E:-0-0--0---3-3--3------------7~-7-7-|
Then (1x):e:----------------------------------|B:----------------------------------|G:-------------------7-7--x---------|D:-2-2--2---5-5--5---7-7--x---9xx99-|A:-2-2--2---5-5--5---5-5--x---9xx99-|E:-0-0--0---3-3--3------------7xx77-|
At the end of that be sure to start going into a distortion.
Intro Cont/Chorus : Heavy Distortion (2x):e:--------------------------------------|B:--------------------------------------|G:-------------------8-8----------------|D:-3-3--3---6-6--6---8-8--8---10~-10-10-|A:-3-3--3---6-6--6---6-6--8---10~-10-10-|E:-1-1--1---4-4--4--------6---8~--8--8--|
Then the next thing to play is the verse.
Verse: However many times needed. Please check the the song for the number of times that rift needs to be played.e:-----------------------------------|B:-----------------------------------|G:-----------------------------------|D:-2-2-x-x---5-5-x-x---7-7-x7-7-7----|A:-2-2-x-x---5-5-x-x---7-7-x7-7-7----|E:-0-0-x-x---3-3-x-x---5-5-x5-5-5----|
I guess it would be really simple played in Dropped D, but this is how its been tabbed. Use the Third part of the intro for the chorus. Im not so sure that the last rift is perfect. Please leave a comment.
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