Dead Cat Bounce - Christians In Love chords


Tabbed by: Danger_Dave17

Tuning: Standard

These chords arent exactly what they play live, but theyre suitable for singing along to.  

B: 799877
G#/Abm: 466444
E: 022100
F: 133211
G#/Ab: 466544

B G#/AbmItís pretty clear, theyve no idea what they're doing
B G#/AbmBut its their wedding night, and theyre determined to get through it
E Christians in Love
F G#/Ab ERolling around like a couple if pigs in a Barrel
EChristians in Love
F G#/Ab EFlapping about like a couple of Trout in a Puddle
G#/Ab F Like a Chimpanzee at a buffet car,
F Etheyre just grabbing at things before they know what they are
E FAnd seeing if they can fit them in their mouths
G#/Ab F Like a Pony trapped in a broken lift,
F Etheyve no idea what buttons theyve pressed
E FTheyre just enjoying going up and down
E B G#/AbmAnd theyre making neighing sounds
B G#/AbmAnd as the daybreak looms, their crazy passion knows no limit
B G#/AbmCause neither one of them, know how they're meant to know theyre finished
E Christians in Love
F G#/Ab ERubbing away like theyre getting a stain off a carpet
E Christians in Love
F G#/Ab EMaking a sound like a goose being drowned in a bucket
G#/Ab F Like a shithouse door in a force nine gale,
F Etheyre banging away till the hinges fail
E FWith no discernable sense of rhythm
G#/Ab F Like Keanu Reeves in the movie speed
F Etheyre scared that slowing down might lead
E FTo some sort of explosive cataclysm
E B G#/AbmTaking Dennis Hopper with them
B G#/AbmBy now Ive guessed, I guess I know what youre all thinking
B G#/AbmWhy am I watching them, and how have they not heard me singing
EChristians in Love
F G#/Ab EPossibly deaf or else so incredibly focused
F G#/Ab EOn the task in hand that theres a four piece band they havent noticed
G#/Ab F In the en-suite watching them get laid,
F Eand wondering when well be paid
E FFor a wedding that's been over several hours
G#/Ab F But well stick it out as long as it takes
F Etill either our resolve or the headboard breaks
E FAt least weve got a toilet and a shower (right guys?)
E B Then I guess well just keep singing louder
B Hey you, wheres our money? Hey you, wheres our money?
G#/Abm Hey you, wheres our money? Hey you, wheres our money?
(Christians in love) (Repeat till fade) Corrections welcome. Thanks. ************************************
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