Dead Kennedys - Anarchy Sale tab

This song has to be played at a really fast rate for it to sound right. 
The whole song requires to be played with up and down strokes but it requires to for
up strokes to be played twice in a row. This is a very fun song to play. The chords
are F Bb B Ee D C played at rythm of four beats      ^=up stroke no^=down stroke the
only way you can time it right if you play along with the song and memorize the sequence
 Riff 1    Two up strokes
E[------^^-------] B[10-101010------]G[10-101010------]D[10-1010108899--]A[-8--8-8-88899--]E[---------6677--]Playx3
then play riff 2Rif 2E[---^^------^^--------^^------^^---^^--]B[-8888-7-5-5555---10-8888-10-7777-5555-]G[-8888-7-5-5555---10-8888-10-7777-5555-]D[-8888-7-5-5555---10-8888-10-7777-5555-]A[-6666-5-3-3333----8-6666--8-5555-3333-] played only once after riff 1E[--------------------------------------]
Play this sequence about three or four times and your done. At the end of the song he the chords are ABCA listen to the end of the song for this part. A quick tip :try to memorize the pattern and chords first and then try to speed up or play it fast It will help you alot.
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