Dead Mans Bones - Flowers Grow Out Of My Grave chords

*Lyrics could be wrong

E  C#m  A  B   - played trough the whole spoken part:

I was floating
above my bed
like a body in a river,
in a car

And the only sound
in my head
was a dying cricket
in a jar

And I saw
little beams of light
come into the bedroom
from underneath the door

And they crawled
under my sheets
and they came out
of every single pore


E A EWhen I think about you, oh-oh-oh
A EWhen I think about you, oh-oh-oh
AWhen I think about you,
B (A)Flowers grow out of my
Egrave, grave, grave
Agrave, grave, gra-aave
Bgrow out of
Emy grave
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