Dead Milkmen – Rastabilly tab

			Dead Milkmen - Rastabilly

Tabbed by: Ben Gladdle (

I tabbed this initially from Chaos Rules... Words are a little
different, but both versions are played in exactly the same way, but
the live one seems a bit more energetic.


Chorus:------ G CE----3--3-3-3-----|B----3--3-3-5-----|G----4--4-4-5-----|D----5--5-5-5-----| x3A----5--5-5-3-----|E----3--3-3-------|
G FE----3--3-3-1-----|B----3--3-3-1-----|G----4--4-4-2-----|D----5--5-5-3-----|A----5--5-5-3-----|E----3--3-3-1-----|
riff: Redneck time! chorus: My baby's got two hands My baby's got two feet My baby's got a forehead And all the chicken you can eat riff: Well, sheet. God diggety damn! chorus: My baby sure has a nose My baby's got two elbows My baby she's got ten toes And my baby's got a couple a' those riff: Hell yeah, I'm marrying my sister. I can do whatever I want. I'm from West Virginie. Now fly! chorus: My baby drives a truck My baby sure is good luck My baby has a pet duck And my baby is a heck of a... Crowd: Fuck! riff: Oh, use the F-word while my parents are here, thank you! Somebody stole my pit-bull Mavis and I plan to find out just who the fuck it was. End on F. From the Dead Milkmen Guitar Tab Project =============================================================================
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