Dead Milkmen – Jellyfish Heaven tab

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From: (Winnebago Warrior)
Date: 14 Jul 1995 17:44:23 -0400
Subject: CRD/TAB: "Jellyfish Heaven" (Dead Milkmen)

"Jellyfish Heaven" by the Dead Milkmen

Transcribed by Jeff Blank (

OK, here's something for ALL those who've been asking for Milkmen tab.
This isn't perfect, and I'm not too good at tabbing solos, but here's what
I have for the rest of the song...should be a good starting point.  But
before I get into it...would someone puh-LEEEEZE tab "Surfin' Cow"?  I
just don't have the ear for some parts of it.

Fig. 1: the intro and verse:

Fig. 2: bridge: D G (maybe G5?) Jellyfish heaven, where jellyfish go To get away from Mormons and drunk Eskimos Am C D Jellyfish heaven is a lot like L. A. Solo? I dunno. Then, after the solo (the Zep take-off and other ranting), the progression changes to something like G D G C C (same timing as fig. 1) * (not entirely positive of that one) -- "Instead of trying to build newer and | Jeff Blank bigger weapons of destruction, we | should be thinking about getting more | use out of the ones we already have." | --Jack Handey
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