Deadboy And The Elephantmen - Waking Up Insane tab

Chords: C, G, D, Amin

As far as I'm concerned, this is verbatim, give or take some hammer-ons. Enjoy.

C G D Amin||e--0--0----|--3-------------|--2--2----|--0-------------|||b--1----1--|--0--1--3--0----|--3----3--|--1--0--1---0--1|||g--0------0|--0----------0--|--2------2|--2-------2-----|||d--2-------|--0------------0|--0-------|--2-------------|||a--3-------|--2-------------|--x-------|--0-------------|||E--x-------|--3-------------|--x-------|--x-------------|
C G D||e--0--0----|--3-------------|--2--2--3--5-|--2--3--5-|--2--3--5||||b--1----1--|--0--1--3--0----|--3----------|----------|---------||||g--0------0|--0----------0--|--2----------|----------|---------||||d--2-------|--0------------0|--0----------|----------|---------||||a--3-------|--2-------------|--x----------|----------|---------||||E--x-------|--3-------------|--x----------|----------|---------||
C G Scaring the ghosts away D Amin Wake me when I am sane C G D On Mardi Gras day C G The cold of death D Amin It may tear you from my breast C G D Yet I know you are the smoke that is my breath C G F Amin Under the sky to live is to die C G Amin I know you are the smoke that is my breath
C G FRaven black is the night and I I I I I I I I I I I I I||e----------|---------|-------------0--1--0||||b-----0--1-|----0--1-|----0--1--3---------||||g--2-------|-2-------|-2------------------||||d----------|---------|--------------------||||a----------|---------|--------------------||||E----------|---------|--------------------||
2nd Verse: (Same chord progression as in 1st verse, no arpeggio for "I") opel on the highway side as we pass her a million times this night don't seem like no sun exists that could eclipse this scaring the Ghosts away wake me when I'm sane again You are the smoke that is my breath This bouquet of regret under the sky to live is to die radiation black the night and I Outro C G don't seem like no sun exists D that could eclipse this (6x) C G D Don't seem like, don't seem like no sun exists at all (2x) Arpeggios can reappear after the intro. Insert according to the song or according to Have fun with it. This is a great song.
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