Deadsy – Key To Gramercy Park tab

i've seen many incorrect tabs on this song so i thought i would attempt to do it
This is not all of the song and there may be a few errors, but it sounds good. The 
not tuned to DADGBE, they are probably tuned down to A# or some weird shit. You can tell 
listening to the short bridge of the song that starts at (2:06), but DROP D is easier.

Tuning: Drop D (low to high DADGBE)

Intro..."I got the key to gramercy park"E------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------|G------------------------------------------------|D-7-2----5-0----5-2----5-0---------0-5-0-2-0-2-7-|A-7-2----5-0----5-2----5-0---------0-5-0-2-0-2-7-|D-7-2----5-0----5-2----5-0---------0-5-0-2-0-2-7-|
1st pre-verse (0:22-0:31)E-----------------------------------------------------------------|B-----------------------------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------------------------|D-2-2---0-2-0-2-5-0-0---0-2-0-2-7-2-2---0-2-0-2-5-0-0-xxx-5-0-5-0-|A-2-2---0-2-0-2-5-0-0---0-2-0-2-7-2-2---0-2-0-2-5-0-0-xxx-5-0-5-0-|D-2-2---0-2-0-2-5-0-0---0-2-0-2-7-2-2---0-2-0-2-5-0-0-xxx-5-0-5-0-|
the whole song is basically a D chord, E chord, G chord and an A chord with a lot of fills put in. thoughts? send them to
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