Dealership - Nerdy Girl tab

			NERDY GIRL - Dealership

Tabbed by: R.C. (smarterray at gmail dot com)

Chords used:
A  - 577655 or x02220
D  - x57775 or xx0232
C  - x35553 or x32010
E  - 022100
E7 - 020100


Hint: Barre the frets (5th for the first part, 7th for the second)

e--------------------------|B------5h7p5-5-----7p5-----|G-----------6-----7---7-7--|D-----6----------7-----7---|A----7----------5----------|E-5------------------------| x2
VERSE AND CHORUS CHORDS: A D A Nerdy Girl, she thinks too much D A Of self-inflicted places where D C the flowers bloom all year E E7 and he is there I use barre chords for the verses and open chords for the chorus. Have fun.
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