Dean Martin – Everybody Loves Somebody tab

Everbody Loves Somebody:
A mega-hit for Martin in '64.
In my humble opinion, it's
the best Dean Martin song, ever. KK.


C         E              F
Everybody loves somebody sometime.

Dm        Bb                  G   G7
everybody falls in love

C                 Em        Dm                      
Something in your kiss just told me,

   G        G7    C   G7
my now.


C         E              F         A          
Everybody finds somebody someplace,

Dm                 Bb             G     G7  
there's no telling where love may appear.

C               Em          Dm
Something in my heart keeps saying,

   G         G7    C
my here.


C           C7    C     C7
If I had it in my power,

        F                 A                 Dm    
I would arrange for every girl to have your charm.

Am                       Em
Then every minute, every hour, 

      Dm                  A                  Dm   G   
every boy would find what I've found in your arms.


C         E              F        A 
Everybody loves somebody sometime,

Dm              Bb        G      G7
and although my dream was overdue,

C                 Em         F     
your love made it well worth waiting,

    G      G7       C   
for you.


REPEAT #3. (Fade)

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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