Dear And The Headlights - Run In The Front tab

Run In The Front - Dear and the Headlights
Tabbed by: Steve Koller aka Zorro22
Email: stephenkoller [at] gmail (d0t) com

The other 2 tabs I've seen of this song were only partially right, so I'll try to set 
straight. Some of these chords may not have the exact name correct (like Dadd11).

Tune down 1/2 step on all strings: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb


D Asus4 G Gmaj7/B G6 Dadd11e|--2-----0----3-----2------0-----2-----2---|B|--3-----3----3-----3------3-----3-----3---|G|--2-----2----0-----0------0-----2-----0---|D|--0-----2----0-----0------0-----4-----5---|A|--x-----0----2-----2------2-----2-----x---|E|--x-----x----3-----x------3-----x-----x---|
Verse: D Run in the front like you said Asus4 I'm sad I'll miss it, send it back in the photographs Gmaj7 D And I could use a vacation myself, my eyes are bored D Stuck in the lot for days Asus4 The manager said I cannot make "just one more mistake" Gmaj7 So I'll just hang my head and say sorry G6 Wouldn't be the first time Chorus: D And you, Iím missing you, I donít want to Asus4 I'll be missing you, I'm missing you, I don't want to Bm7 I'll be missing you, I'm missing you, I don't want to Dadd11 But I will D See the grey in your hair, Angel Asus4 Your beauty canít be covered by insecurity Bm7 I hope the same truth would still hold true for me Dadd11 ĎCause I drowned in mine ______________________________ |Repeat for verse and chorus.| The short solo that comes up later goes like this:
Then last time around:e|---------------|---------------------------------------------|B|7--8-7----7----|----------7b8--------------------------------|G|-------9---9-7-|---------------------------------------------|D|---------------|-9-------------------------------------------|A|---------------|---------------------------------------------|E|---------------|---------------------------------------------|
I hope that was pretty accurate. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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