Death Angel - God Vs God tab

Not quite the whole song, but it's a good start!

NOTE: This is all stuff I figured out by ear; this isn't going to be 
completely accurate, but there's no other tab for this amazing song so I 
figured I may as well try.

Also note that [number] is natural harmonics (having your finger touching 
the string over a certain note but not pressing it down, for those of you 
new at guitar) and number~ means to let it ring.

Intro (with some sort of effect known to me only as "Chopper Dan" on some 
amp I found at Guitar Center =/)

E|----------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------|A|-7~----5-7-8~----10~-7~----5-7-8~----11~| [Play twice]E|-5~----3-5-6~-----8~-5~----3-5-6~-----9~|
I have no idea how to play the verse, but I believe the chorus is as follows:
|-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||7~-7---7-5-5-8~-8----------7~-7---7-5-5-8~-8---------| [Play twice]|5~-5---5-3-3-6~-6--8-7-5---5~-5---5-3-3-6~-6--8-5-7--|
I don't know what this section is officially called, but I call it the "post-chorus" ("Don't wanna be your slave, sent to an early grave, etc.")
|------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------||7~-7~-7-8-7-5---7~-7~-7-8-7---------------| [Play twice]|5~-5~-5-6-5-3---5~-5~-5-6-5-[6][6][6][6]--|
|---------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------| [After playing this,|7~-7~-7-8-7-5---7~-7~-7-8-7-5---7~-7~-7-8-8-5-5-7~-| revert to playing|5~-5~-5-6-5-3---5~-5~-5-6-5-3---5~-5~-5-6-6-3-3-5~-| the intro once again]
I have yet to figure out the seemingly Hendrix-inspired solo, but if I ever do, I'll post that, too (along with the verse). In any case, I hope this helps! EDIT 8/17/08: Fixed an error in which all the notes were too low. I'm pretty sure it's right now.
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