Death Cab For Cutie – I Will Posses Your Heart tab

Key:   D   Csus  G    F    C

Verse 1 D How I wish you could see the potential Csus The potential of you and me D It's like a book elegantly bound Csus But in a language that you can't read just yet Chorus (2x) D You gotta spend some time, love Csus G You gotta spend some time with me D And I know that you'll find, love Csus G I will possess your heart Verse 2 D There are days when outside your window Csus I see my reflection as I slowly pass D And I longed for this mirrored perspective Csus When we'll be lovers, lovers at last Chorus (X2) D Csus... da da da... I will possess your heart (2x) Bridge F C You reject my advances F G And desperate pleas F C I won't let you let me down F G..... So easily So easily Chorus (x3)
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