Death Cab For Cutie – Your New Twin Size Bed tab

I looked at the other three that were on here, and they are either incomplete
with parts (one gives correct chords but no lead), or had OK-ish leads with
wrong chords.

The song is in the key of Eb, so I'll name the chords that way, too.

**I strongly suggest you play this song fingerstyle.**

Chords: These are played over and over for almost the entire song.
Eb: e -  Bb: e - Ab: e -
    B 4      B 3     B 1
    G 3      G 3     G 1
    D 5      D 3     D 1
    A 6      A 5     A 3
    E -      E(6)    E 4

Eb Bb Ab|------------------|-----------------||----4--------3----|----1-------1----0|----3--------3----|----1-------1----||----5--------3----|\1----------1----||/6-----6-\5-----5-|\3-----3-------3-0|------------------|---------4-------| 1 a + 3 a + < ( e+ 2e a e+ 4e a)
Now the "lead" part, which really just brings in a fill between vocalphrases. I'm sure this isn't exactly how he plays it, but its the melodiesthat are more important than the bass notes of the part: sl. |--3-6/8---------|----------------||4---------6-8p6-|--4-6p4-----4---||3---------7-----|--5-------5-----||----------------|----------6-----||6---------------|----------------||--------6-------|4-------4-------|
Now the little dark part at the end of each verse:F min Ab min|-1-| |-4-||-1-| |-4-||-1-| |-4-||-3-| |-6-||-3-| |-6-||-1-| |-4-|
Now the climax: *Light distortion on* Eb F min Ab|-3-| thru most of it until... |-1-| |-4-||-4-| |-1-| |-4-||-3-| First>> |-1-| |-5-| <|-5-| "Goodbye" |-3-| |-6-| "Goodbye"|-6-| |-3-| |-6-||-3-| |-1-| |-4-|
*Distortion off* The rest of the song is the original phrases repeated. Easy song if you have two guitarists in your band, and easy as well if you only have one. If just one, play the rhythm part during vocal phrases, and the lead in between. It still sounds just fine. Questions/comments:
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