Death Cab For Cutie – I Was Once A Loyal Lover tab

This is the 4th track on the open door Ep, it's fairly simple, 4 chords. 


A                                                        F#m                                D
Well I have learned so very little, when these bones are old and brittle

A                                                          F#m                              D
I wait to talk when I should listen, the crowd mistakes with false revisions

All my friends are forward-thinking, getting hitched and quitting drinking

A                                                          F#m                         D
And I can feel them pulling away, as I'm resigned to stay the same


       A                E       F#m    D               B
And you can't even begin to know 
        A         E                F#m        D    B
How many times I've told myself "I told you so"


F#m                   D
If you deem it so
       A                            E
Just cut the cord and go
F#m          D
You'll be fine
               A                           E
There's plenty of hills to climb
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