Death Cab For Cutie – Passenger Seat chords


     <------Passenger Seat------>
     Death Cab for Cutie

------> Great song, thought I'd chord it for everyone else....

    The main gist of the verse in this song is piano but I think this part works for the guitar:

e-----0--------- e----------------------------| b---------1----- b----------------------------| g-------0------- g----------------------------| d---2-----3----- d-----3---2---0---2---0------| a--3------------ a---3---------------------3--| e--------------- e-1--------------------------| You are driving me home
(Capo 2) I sing it with no capo....
C I roll the window down
G and then begin to breathe in.
C the darkest country road,
G and the strong scent of evergreen;
From the passenger seat as
F G C you are driving me home
C Then looking upwards,
G I strain my eyes to try
C To tell the difference between
G Shooting stars and satellites
From the passenger seat as
F G F you are driving me home.
e-------------------------------------------------------------| b----------1-----------------------------0--------------------| g--------2-----------------0----------------2-----------------| d-----3---------------3--2------------3------------3-2-3--2---| a---3--3------------3--3------------3--3----------3-----------| e-1---------------1---------------1-------------1-------------| Do they collide? I ask and you smile with my feet on the dash the world doesn't matter (C)
G F When you feel embarrassed,
C F I'll be your pride
G F When you need directions
C Am I'll be the guide
E Am C For all time
E Am C For all time
There ya go =) stringking93
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