Death Cab For Cutie - Song For Kelly Huckaby tab version 2

Death Cab for Cutie
Song for Kelly Huckaby
Found on: Forbidden Love EP
Tabbed by: Marv (

Kelly Huckaby consists of drums, bass, keyboard, and one guitar. So alone, the guitar 
sound awkward. I have a "vocal fader" on
my stereo and you can hear the guitar part really well. It was hard to believe that Ben 
was actually playing some of these
parts (especially the verses), but with the "vocal fader" on my stereo, I have 
in the correctness of my tab.

It was extremely difficult to tab the song because of the amount of fingerpicking, the 
feel of the song, and the off-kilter rhythmic
patterns. So obviously, it would be best to listen to the song for the major chord 
and distinguished notes to figure out the correct
rhythm. Also, keep in mind that the time signature is 6/8.

The keyboard part contains a bulk of the melody, so if anyone is interested in having 
section tabbed out for guitar, then e-mail me
at and we can work something out.

**I have included the lyrics with the chord changes at the bottom of this page. This is 
guitarists looking to
play this song without the rest of the instruments. It makes for a good solo act if you 
the vital
fingerpicking sections and regular strumming of the chords.**

INTRO (guitar):

Eb G#--------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------0--(ring)---------------|----------0-----------0----------0----------------------------|------13---------13---------6---------------------------------|-4/11--------11----------4------------------------------------|
G Bb G#--------------------------------------------------------------|------------------11--11--11----------------------------------|---12--12--12-----12--12--12----------------------------------|--------------------------------6-6-6-6-6-6-------------------|---10--10--10-------------------6-6-6-6-6-6-------------------|------------------11--11--11----4-4-4-4-4-4-------------------|
*the tab is not rhythmically correct. it shows the number of eighth notes, but Ben is strumming sixteenth notes (swingy). Also, the B-flat (11th fret, B-string) is actually on a second which normally has the octave below it, too. But I combined the two guitars since the rest of song has no prominant second guitar. VERSES (guitar): "Photographs of the best time you had..." Windows smudged by the speed Leaving home with our bags from Iron Street As the morning turned into Califorinia
Cmi Eb G#-------------|--------------------|-----------------------------|-------------|--------------------|-----------------------------|--0--0--0----|------------0--0----|-----------------------------|-------------|--------------------|-----------------------------|-------------|----6-----6---------|---------6--6------6--6------|-------------|--------------------|----4--4-------4--4----------|
waking up to the sound of 5 am to take my turn at the wheel, climbed up Shasta: oh how the engine ached as the sun toturned California. And old alleys tugged deep at the heart of me, murals of heroes defacing the blank concrete. *Yeah, this part seems weird, but trust me -- that is what Ben is playing. Be sure to out the song for the rhythm of these notes. CHORUS (guitar): "And smoke trailed from the butt of my cigarette..." our glass house it threw rocks at all those it passed. "And old alleys tugged deep at the heart of me, murals of heroes defacing the blank concrete."
Bb F G#--------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------|-----0------0---------0-----------0---------------------------|---8------8---------3----------6------------------------------|-6-----6---------1----------4---------------------------------|
G Bb G#--------------------------------------------------------------|------------------11--11--11----------------------------------|---12--12--12-----12--12--12----------------------------------|--------------------------------6-6-6-6-6-6-------------------|---10--10--10-------------------6-6-6-6-6-6-------------------|------------------11--11--11----4-4-4-4-4-4-------------------|
BRIDGE (guitar): vision tunnled: mission street hunger beat lodged out as the engine wheezd, still moving regardless of stable ground - and this stable ground.
G Eb Bb---------------13---11--11--11--------------------------------|--11--11--11---11---11--11------------------------------------|--0---0---0-----0----0---0--------8--8--8------7--7--7--------|--------------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------6--6--6------5--5--5--------|-----------------------------------------------6--6--6--------|
"of stable ground / and this stable ground..."G# Bb--------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------|--5---(ring)----7--(ring)-------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------|--3-------------5---------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------|
photographs of the best time you had, windows smuged by the speed, leaving home with our bags from Iron Street as morning turned into California.
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