Death Cab For Cutie - You Are A Tourist tab version 7

Great song, you can see Ben Gibbard playing the song for much of this video
 I  I figured it out by ear, didn't check if I'm using the exact same fingerings as him 
but they looked similiar.

Standard tuning:

My notation:
b = bend
r = release bend (i.e. lower it, not let go)
s = slide
v = vibrato

Main riff

Second time playing main riff (after 11s):
Third time (after 14s and 12 and D):
At 1:53 in the video it sounds like there's a few layers of guitar which I can't quite distinguish although it sounds like some sort arpeggio from this chord
E|----0-| Then it goes (roughly) E|----------10----| A few times (withB|----3-| B|-----10------10-| variations like a 12 onG|----2-| G|---9----9-------| bottom e stringD|----0-| D|----------------|A|------| A|----------------|E|------| E|----------------|
Bridge-like thing:
E|--------5----| E|------5---|B|------8---8--| (x7)B|----7---7-| (x4) These two sections then repeatG|----7--------| G|--7-------| themselves, just listen for theD|-------------| D|----------| changes, then goes into mainA|-------------| A|----------| riffE|-------------| E|----------|
Then the little mini-solo/break thing (there's no emphasis on the slide, it's just to set you up for the rest of the lick
Then main riff til the end of the song. This was my first tab, so sorry if it's awfully sloppy but I'm confident that it's accurate. Will check every now and again for any corrections.
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