Death Cab For Cutie – Sound Of Settling Acoustic tab

So hey this is a more "strum savvy" version of the song for you if you like playing 
pretty much the same idea as the real thing...

Capo 2

Standard Tuning


C#m B/D# E/A F#m A/Ee|--0-------0-----0---------0---------0------|B|--0-------0-----0---------0---------0------|G|--4-------4-----1---------2---------6------|D|--2-------4-----2---------4---------7------|A|--4-------6-----0---------4---------7------|E|--0-------0-----x---------0---------0------|
Chorus E E/F# B A2/Ee|----0------0--------0--------0-------------|B|----0------0--------0--------0-------------|G|----1------1--------4--------2-------------|D|----2------2--------4--------2-------------|A|----2------x--------2--------0-------------|E|----0------2--------0--------0-------------|
That's pretty much what you're looking at, as far as strumming and timing actually goes, you can see the B/D# and E/A are closer together, and as you could've guessed those two squeezed together take up about as much time as any of the other chords in the verse do..... And for strumming just give the low E a little tap with your pick or finger before the any of the whole chords (save the B/D# and E/A)... Listen to the CD to get what I'm talking about. If you don't have the CD I really don't what to tell you. Anyways, have fun with this, feel free to jazz it up and serenade your groupies. Leftie
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