Death Cab For Cutie - This Temporary Life tab

i think this is pretty much correct. this is a fun and pretty easy song to play so enjoy.

acoustic chords (gtr 1)


gtr 2. (played behind chords on clean electric)

(A) (E)e-------------------------------------------------------------------------|b-------------------------------------------------------------------------|g------2-------1--------2--------1----------2--------1-------2---------1--|d----2-------2--------2--------2----------2--------2-------2---------2----|a--0-------0--------0--------0--------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------0---------0-------0--------0-------|
(D)e-------------------------------------| repeat this untill distortionb------3-------2-------3------2-------| comes in.g----2-------2-------2------2---------|d--0-------0-------0------0-----------|a-------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------|
A The morning suns about to break E im looking in as you create D someone A you lift your head and brush your teeth E and make your bed as if you wont D sleep again A you fix your hair and tie your shoes E and tuck your shirt and then you feel D new A the glass is full, the glass is broke, E and every day dissolves and there's D no hope (distortion) A E of ever leaving this temporary life A E of ever leaving this temporary life D A E D Li-fe li-fe li-fe li-fe
R1 A R1 A R2 E R2 E R1 A R1 A you may ask your self "is there anyone so alone?" A R2 E but theres no beep before the dial tone E R2 E When you pick it up to see who called E R1 A if there is its probably your mom A R1 But oh the rising sun brings little cheer F# R1 To this city with the stolen name E R2 And you're wondering whose bright idea E R1 A It was to pack your things and leave your friends and move down here R1 F# R1 E R2 E R1 A R1 F# R1 E R2 A thats it. if you have any questions email me at
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