Death Cab For Cutie - Debate Exposes Doubt Acoustic tab

DEBATE EXPOSES DOUBT (acoustic): Death Cab For Cutie
Tabbed By: C.E

Tuning: Standard
Any questions feel free to email me, but most of all, enjoy!

CHORDS TO KNOW FOR THIS SONG__________________________________________ G Em D D/C B F# A Bme|-----------2----2----2----2----0----2--|B|-----------3----3----4----2----2----3--|G|-0----0----2----2----4----3----2----4--|D|-0----2----0----4----4----4----2----4--|A|-2----2--------------2----4----0----2--|E|-3----0-------------------2------------|__________________________________________
OPENING RIFF:e|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|G|-------------------------------|D|-----4--------2/3/2p0----------|A|---5---5-----------------------|E|-3-------0-0-------------------|
INTERLUDE RIFF:e|--------------------------|B|-----3-------2-0----------|G|---2---2---2--------------|D|-0-------------------0----|A|---------0---------2------|E|-----------------3--------|
The Song: [opening riff] x 4 G Em [interlude riff] The workadays were propping the bar quietly erasing the week G Em [interlude riff] And I was in a corner booth thinking (pretending to read) D D/C B G About the impossibility of one to love unconditionally Em And the words that we drive into the ground F# [opening riff] x 4 Their repetition starts to thin their meaning G Em [interlude riff] Then everything got frighteningly still as they entered and intersected the floor G Em [interlude riff] And I tried to choke my stare at the perfection that others would kill for D D/C B G But all of the parts are the same on every face, few variables change Em F# G The differences pale when compared to the similarities they share A G Bm F# Finally there is clarity and there is purpose after all A G Bm F# But every night ends the same as I'm collapsing once more by your side A G Bm F# Finally there is clarity, this tiny life is making sense A G Bm F# And every drop numbs the both of us, but I alone am staggering [Repeat A G Bm F# as many times as wanted]
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