Death - Sacrificial tab

** By DEATH 
** from the album SCREAM BLOODY GORE
** Transcribed by Kevin Phillips, New Zealand.
** email :

Another great Amateur Transcription from way back!
Any comments/complaints/mistakes to
Otherwise, enjoy!

The format of this TAB is as follows:
[i]  All riffs are written below
[ii] After the riffs comes the song structure

All TAB should be pretty easy to follow.. Listen to the song to get the timing
right. An 'x' under a note/chord indicates a Palm mute. Simple!


RIFF A:e:------------------------------------------------------|b:------------------------------------------------------|g:------------------------------------------------------|D:------------------------------------------------------|A:-7-----7-8-7--6-----6-7---9-----9-10-9--8----8-9------|E:-5------------4-----------7-------------6-------------|
RIFF B:e:-----------------------------------------------------------|b:-----------------------------------------------------------|g:-----------------------------------------------------------|D:-----------------------------------------------------------|A:-7-777---7-8-7--6-666---6-7---9-999---9-10-9--8-888---8-9--|E:-5-555----------4-444---------7-777-----------6-666--------| xxx xxx xxx xxx
RIFF C:e:------------------------------------------------|b:------------------------------------------------|g:------------------------------------------------|D:------------------------------------------------|A:-----------6666-5555----------------5--3--2-----|E:-0000-3333-----------0000-3333-4444-3--1--0-----| xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
RIFF D:e:------------------------------------------|b:------------------------------------------|g:------------------------------------------|D:------------------------------------------|A:---------------------------------------2--|E:-0000-1111-2222-1111-0000-1111-2222-000---| xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx |_________Hmmm? Not sure with this last block of notes?
RIFF E: (Not sure about this Riff? Could be wrong!)e:-------------------------------|b:-------------------------------|g:-------------------------------|D:-7------8----------------------|A:-7------8----------------------|E:---5555---5555-4444-7777-1111--| xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx
RIFF F:e:-----------------------------------|b:-----------------------------------|g:-----------------------------------|D:----5-4--------------5-4-----------|A:-2--3-2--5-5-5-5--2--3-2-5-4-3-----|E:-0-------3-3-3-3--0------3-2-1-----| x x x x
SACRIFICIAL - STRUCTURE: **Introduction: RIFF A: Repeat x 2 RIFF B: Repeat x 2 RIFF C: Repeat x 6 **Chorus: ("Sacrificial, etc..") RIFF D: Repeat x 4 RIFF B: Repeat x 4 RIFF C: Repeat x 6 **Chorus: RIFF D: Repeat x 4 **Lead Break: RIFF E: Repeat x 6 (Or was that 8?) RIFF F: Repeat x 4 **Chorus: RIFF D: Repeat x 4 and then End! Pretty Simple huh! If anybody can help me with any corrections to the Riffs, or if anybody has Tabbed anything from LEPROSY, Gimme a yell! (or an Email!) I am after some of the stuff from LEPROSY - In particular "LEFT TO DIE". Cheers! Have an Xcellent 95 everybody! 8)
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