Deb Talan – To The Bone chords

Left handed
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F#m DCan't say goodbye
A EWe never really met
F#m Dyou just burnt my bed
AAnd tore out the stars
EAnd kissed my forehead
F#m DNow I am an ache
A EThat fell into a hole
F#m DAnd you were the sky
AYou opened wide
ESoaked to the bone and
So cold
CI'm so cold
F#m D I loved being nearer you
AYou said you loved
E F#mBeing near me too
D A ESo why are you determined to run?
F#m D AIs it still night inside your heart,
EToo soon for the sun?
F#m DOr do you feel like a rabbit
ALoving a gun?
ENever knowing the shot will come
CAnd leave you cold
Leave you cold
B AYour smile pierced my skin and travelled out again
BA rogue bullet
APassing through every vital organ
BWish you'd let me in
AI'm bleeding here
Outside your door
BDid the snows fall heavy
AIn your house? In bedroom
To kitchen?
B AAnd you can't find me anymore
CYou're too cold
You're too cold
F#m DCan't say goodbye
A EWe never really met...
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