Debby Ryan – Open Eyes chords ver. 2

Well I haven't seen one for this song yet, soo this is how I play it -Kristen H

Open Eyes
Capo 1

G DLook around, it's deadly night
D Em You've been losing every fight
Em CYou're hope is, feeling broken
G DYou're feet are rough, they're scraped and bruised
D EmBut still have strength to take you through,
C GInto,The dark
G DJust close your eyes
D EmAnd push right through
Em CI know it's tough right now
C GThis was meant for you
G DWhen the clouds are gone
D EmNot a shadow in sight
Em CYou'll be drenched in the sun
C GWith open eyes
G DWoah-oh-oh
D EmWoah-oh-oh
Em CWoah-oh-oh
C GWoah-oh-oh
G DAt the beach, the waves will crash
D EmTuck and grab and pull you back
Em C GThe sun may, be covered in gray
G DThe sand will itch, the sun may burn
D EmHurricane will take it's turn
C GUntil, The dawn
G DSo close your eyes, shut them tight
D Em CLet it be, and it will fade away (fade away)
G DPush on though the strength in you
D Em CLet it be, and wish it all way
G DWith open eyes, Open wide,
D EmIt's all good now, watch it fade away,
CDay by day
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