December Avenue – Under My Skin Moon Song chords ver. 2

when playing a chord alway pluck the bass note followed by the higher strings. Zel 
alternately plays the G chord, that's why you see 2 tab diagram on the G chords. 
Just listen to the song and you'll get it ;) Plss support the band and plss rate 
and comment :)i do appreciate it :)

Under My Skin (Moon Song)
by December Avenue
tabbed by Christian Tumamak

Capo 3
all chords are relative to the capo

Chords used:
G - 3x0230 (3x0032)
D - xx0230
G/B - x20030
A - x02230
C - x30030


DDim light soflty turns the light
GSo lovely like a movie
You never will be lonely
DMoon light shines like candle light
GIt's only for you and me
The sweetness of the melody
G/B AEmbrace the sound of my voice
GThe kindness of my shoulder
G/B - C G/BHaven't you feel a little cold
AWhen i begin to wisper
GYour movement start to linger in my arms
G/B - C D - G(2x)To never let you go
D GAll your wishes will come true
G/B A GThe music in your soul will finally sing
D GAll your dreams be filled with hymes
G/B A GThe moment you were under my skin
G/B A GThe moment you were under my skin
G/B A GThe moment you were under my skin
G/B(Strum) A(Strum) D - GThe moment you were under my skin
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