Decemberists – A Bower Scene tab

Artist: The Decemberists
Song: A Bower Scene
Album: The Hazards of Love
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Tuning: Drop D - DADGBe

Chords Used: DADGBeE: 000---F: 333---G: 555---
Intro: Start with: E (alone), then jump in with--->
Riff 1: Ee|----5----3----0--------|B|-------------------3---|G|--5----5----2----5-----| then,D|-----------------------|A|-----------------------|D|-----------------------|
Riff 2: Ee|----5----7----8----7---|B|-----------------------|G|--5----7----9----7-----| D|-----------------------|A|-----------------------|D|-----------------------|
Verse 1 chords: F G E(with Riff 1) “Thou unconsolable daughter,” said the sister F G E(with Riff 1) “When wilt though trouble the water,” said the sister F G E F E G E F E G E(with Riff 1) And what irascible black bart is the father Verse 2: (use verse 1 chords) And when young Margaret's waistline grew wider the fruit of her amorous entwine inside her And so our heroine withdraws to the Tiaga
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