Decemberists – Calamity Song chords ver. 2

The picking pattern is something like this:

Intro: |D |D | |D |D | |A |A | |A |A |
DHad a dream, you and me and the war of the
Aend times
DAnd I believe California succumbed to the
Afault line
We heaved relief as scores of innocents died
G DAnd the Andalusian tribes
G DSetting the lay of Nebraska alight
A G'Til all that remains is the arms of the angels
Hetty Green, queen of supply-side bonhomie bone-drab. Know what I mean? On the road, it's well advised that you follow your own bag In the year of the chewable Ambien tab And the Panamanian child Stands at the dowager empress' side And all that remains is the arms of the angels
D A GAnd all that remains is the arms of the angels
Aaaooooo: |D |D | |G |G |x2
Em AWhen you've receded into loam
Em AAnd they're picking at your bones
G DWe'll come home
AWe’ll come home
Quiet now, will we gather to conjure the rain down? Will we now build a civilization below ground? And I'll be crowned the community kick-it-around And the Andalusian tribes Setting the lay of Nebraska alight 'Til all that remains is the arms of the angels 'Til all that remains is the arms of the angels Aaaooooo: |D |D | |G |G |x4 Outro: |D |
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