Decemberists - Legionnaires Lament tab

                            *The Decemberists*
                       Album: Castaways and Cutouts
                      Song: The Legionnaire's Lament

      Dm                    F
I'm a legionnaire, camel in disrepair,
             G                  Bb      A
hoping for a Frigidaire to come passing by.
     Dm                      F
I am on reprieve, lacking my joise de vivre,
           G                 Bb     A
missing my gay Paree in this desert dry.
      Dm                        F
And I wrote my girl, told her I would not
return, I've terribly taken a turn for the
Bb           A                  Dm
worse now, I fear.  It's been a year or more
since they shipped me to this foreign 
                     G                Bb
shore, fighting in a foreign, so far away
from my home.

             F                      C
If only some rain would fall on the house and
the boulevards and the sidewalks bagatelles (it's
       Bb              F
like a dream).  With a roar of cars and the
C                                Gm 
lolling of the cafe bars and the sweetly sleeping
                Bb              Bbm
sweeping of the Seine.  Lord, I don't know if I'll
              Dm           F                G          Bb    A
ever be back again.  La Da Dum Dum La Da Da Dum

Medicating in the sun with pinch doses of
laudanum, longing for the old fecundity of
my homeland.  Curses to this mirage!  A
bottle of ancient shiraz!  The smattering of
distant applause is ringing in my poor 
ears.  On the old left bank, my baby in a
charabanc, riding up the width and length 
of the Champs Elysee.


Dm    F    G    Bb  A


            Bbm                              F
... Lord, I don't know if I'll ever be back again,
         C              Gm              Bb
be back again, be back again, O be back again.
            F            C            Gm           Bb  Bbm   
Oh oh oh oh oh, la la la la, la la la la, oh oh oh oh

F    C    Gm    Bb  Bbm  Dm
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