Decemberists - Soldiering Life tab version 1

                            * The Decemberists *
                     Album: Her Majesty the Decemberists
                          Song: The Soldiering Life

Standard Tuning: EADGBe

   D  C# A  G# F#m E  A* D* G
e  x  x  x  x  x   x  x  x  x
B  x  x  x  x  x   x  2  3  3
G  x  x  x  x  x   1  2  2  0
D 12 11  7  6  4   2  2  0  0
A 12 11  7  6  4   2  0  x  2
E 10  9  5  4  2   0  x  x  3

D                          C#
Ambling madly all over the town
The arbor wall you likened to a whisper
I likened to a radio.
D                             C#
You were a brickbat, a bowery tough,
So rough they culled you from a cartoon.
Pulled out of your pantaloons.

    A                  G#
But you, my brother in arms,
               F#m                                E
I'd rather I'd lose my limbs than let you come to harm.
    A                 G#
But you, my bombazine doll
                F#m                                 E
The bullets may singe your skin and the mortars may fall.
    A*                E
But I have never felt so alive
     F#m                     D*
Than tonight, huddled in the trenches,
Gazing on the battlefield.
Our rifles blaze away.
   G                 D
We blaze away. Oh Oh Oh

VERSE II (Same Chords)

Corporal Bradley of regiment five
In proud array, standing by the bathing
Soldiers and the stevedores.

We laid on the mattress and tumbled to sleep
Our eyes aligned, swaddled in our civies
Cradled in our dungarees.

CHORUS (Same Chords and Words) *ADD
   G                 D*
We blaze away. Oh Oh Oh
   A*                   E
We blaze away. Oh Oh Oh Oh
   G                 D*
We blaze away. Oh Oh Oh

OUTRO SOLO A* E G D*e----------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------------|G--6\2--2-----6--4--6--7--6--4-----4--6--7--6--2--4-----2-----4--|D----------2--------------------2--------------------4-----4-----|A----------------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------|
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