Decemberists – Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect tab

tabbed by:Nate Turner
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Hi this is my First tab, so be nice.

The song has 2 guitar parts, one part has already been posted, the chords that Colin 
Ill be submitting what Chris Funk plays.Although when I saw them live he was playing a 
The Cd version sounds like a electric guitar.

The majority of the song has 2 phrases:

When you see "I" play the first phrase when you see "II" play the second inrto: play I four times I I And here I dreamt I was a soldier I I And I marched the streets of Birkenau I And I recall in spring I The perfume that the air would bring I II To the indolent town I I Where the barkers call the moon down I I The carnival was ringing loudly now I And just to lay with you I There's nothing that I wouldn't do I II Save lay my rifle down (I cant hear Chris Funks guitar in the chorus so I guess he doesnt play) And try one, and try two Guess it always comes down to, Alright, its ok, guess its better to turn this way Starting on "way" Play I four times I I And I am nothing of a builder I I But here I dreamt I was an architect I And I built this balustrade I To keep you home, to keep you safe I II From the outside world I I But the angles and the corners I I Even though my work is unparalleled I They never seemed to meet I This structure fell about our feet I II And we were free to go And try one, and try two Guess it always comes down to Alright, okay, guess it's better to turn this way Starting on way I x 8 and end with a open B (In the Spaniard verse guitar 2 drops out but guitar 1 stops playing chords and plays very softly, so I thought I would add it)
IIIe|--0-----------|B|------1--0----|G|--------------|D|--------------|A|--------------|E| -------------|
And here in Spain I am a Spaniard III I will be buried with my marionettes III III Countess and courtesan III Have fallen beneath my tender hand III When their husbands were not around (Guitar to comes back in) I I But you, my soiled teenage girlfriend I I Or are you furrowed like a lioness I And we are vagabonds I We travel without seatbelts on I II We live this close to death At this point I can make out what sounds like a guitar 2 part for the chorus but I cant for sure. Here is what I think it is:
(This might been playing through all of the chorus', but i just couldnt hear it) IV IV And try one, and try two IV IV Guess it always comes down to IV IV IV IV Alright, it's okay, guess it's better to turn this IV IV But I won, so you lose IV IV Guess it always comes down to IV IV IV Alright, it's okay, guess it's better to turn this way On "way" play I seven times then II once Thanks for checking out my tab, send me a email if there are any problems.
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