Decemberists - As I Rise tab

I updated this tab, it was added in a hurry, originally my guitar only had 5 strings and 
tuning was awful (all because of typos and me being scatterbrained), so I fixed it up. 
also fixed the solo part. Sorry! Rate it now!

D C G I have come a few miles. G I got blisters on my slippered feet D C As I rise, as I ri-ise. G California's ok. G But I think I might stay in the shade D C For a while, for a whi-ile.
GGDC played over this:E-----3-3---------3-----3-----5/7-5-3-------------|B-3-5-----5-3-3-5---3-5---3-5---------5/7--7-6-5--|G-------------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------|
G Ladybird, ladybird G You're the prettiest song I heard D C In a while, in a whi-ile. G D C La di dah, la dah, la di dah dah dah la dah, la la la, la dah dah-ah.
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