Decemberists - Yankee Bayonet tab version 1

"Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)"
Song by the Decemberists,
from The Crane Wife (major label sellout album)
This is a loose interpretation of the song because
I can't be bothered to do a good enough job to get sued over
Use your best judgment and make it your own

Intro-----------------0-----------------------|-----------3---3---3-0--1-0--------------|-------------0--------------2-0----------|--------------------------------2--------|-(0-2)-3---3------------0----------------|-----------------------------------------| Cadd9 Am
C Am Heart-carved tree trunk, Yankee bayonet C Am A sweetheart left behind C Am Far from the hills of the sea-swelled Carolinas C Am That's where my true love lies There is this bit (if you can manage it) during the verse, but NOT during the "hup hup" part
C Am C Am (hup hup hup...) C Am Look for me when the sun-bright swallow C Am Sings upon the birch bough high C Am But you are in the ground with the voles and the weevils C Am All a'chew upon your bones so dry Chorus: A (Major!) C But when the sun breaks A C G To no more bulletin battle-cry A C Then will you make a grave A F For I will be home then G I will be home then F I will be home then G I will be home then Then **Intro** When I was a girl how the hills of Oconee Made a seam to hem me in There at the fair when our eyes caught, careless Got my heart right pierced by a pin But oh, did you see all the dead of Manassas All the bellies and the bones and the bile Though I lingered here with the blankets barren And my own belly big with child Chorus: But when the sun breaks To no more bulletin battle-cry Then will you make a grave For I will be home then I will be home then I will be home then I will be home then *The chords are the same here but the timing changes* F G Stems and bones and stone walls too Could keep me from you F E Scaly skin is all too few G To keep me from you **Intro** But oh my love, though our bodies may be parted Though our skin may not touch skin Look for me with the sun-bright sparrow I will come on the breath of the wind end on Am Tab by moothemagiccow \*at*/ hotmail /dot\ com (dont email me, all I get is spam) If you're going to repost this, leave me the credit because it took all of 20 minutes nyah nyah
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