Decemberists - The Island Youll Not Feel The Drowning tab

"The Island: You'll Not Feel The Drowning "
by The Decemberists

tabbed by Y0UNGBL00D

i figured i'd start my first tab as an easy one, since i was appalled this wasn't tabbed 
already.  it's too easy.  great beginner tune to work on singing/playing simultaneously 
well as fingerpicking style.  tabs and chords.  enjoy!

Accoustic, standard tuning (EADGBE)
w/ fingers


Am x4--------------|-1--1--1--1---|--2--2--2--2--|--------------|---0--0--0--0-|--------------|
Verse "i will dress your eyelids...." "lay you close to water...."
Am x8--------------|-1--1--1--1---|--2--2--2--2--|--------------|---0--0--0--0-|--------------|
Chorus "go to sleep.."| "go to sleep now.." |
Em x2 | Am x2---------------|-----------------|-0--0--0--0----|--1--1--1--1-----|--0--0--0--0---|---2--2--2--2----|---------------|-----------------|---------------|----0--0--0--0---|---0--0--0--0--|-----------------|
"Forty winking..." | "you'll not feel the drowning.." |
Em x2 | C G x2---------------------|-------------------------------------|-0--0--0--0----------|--1--1--1--1-------------------------|--0--0--0--0---------|---2--2--2--2--0--0--0--0------------|---------------------|-------------------------------------|---------------------|----3--3--3--3--2--2--2--2-----------|---0--0--0--0--------|-----------------3--3--3--3----------|
END FILL (play and end of each chorus)
END CHORD end with this and let it ring.... -0- -1- -0- -2- -0- -3- Am i will dress your eyelids with dimes upon your eyes Am lay you close to water green your grave will rise Em go to sleep now, little ugly Am go to sleep now little fool Em forty winking in the beelfry C G you'll not feel the drowning C G you'll not feel the drowning
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