Deep Dish - Flashdance tab

Song: Flashdance
Artists: Deep Dish
Tuning: Down Half Step
Tabber: Rivett *'-'*

This is a very easy song, the verse riff is i think actually bass but meh who cares.
The tuning is half step down (i think). Im not sure, I didn't tune it down but it
sounded about that. I play this with a peddle. For the verse, have it clean and bassy,
for the chorus, bit more trebble and a bit more gain.


e|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|-----------------------| Repeat over and overD|-----------------------|A|-----------------------|E|-3-1-3-3-5---3-1-3-3-5-|
Chorus: I prefer to mute A but you can play it in 2 ways. I'll put both 1:
e|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|-5-3-5-5-7---5-3-5-5-7-| I prefer this, especially on a basswood guitarD|-5-3-5-5-7---5-3-5-5-7-| A|-x-x-x-x-x---x-x-x-x-x-|E|-3-1-3-3-5---3-1-3-3-5-|
e|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|-----------------------| This probably will sound better on any other D|-5-3-5-5-7---5-3-5-5-7-| guitar.A|-5-3-5-5-7---5-3-5-5-7-|E|-3-1-3-3-5---3-1-3-3-5-|
Yeah, very easy, not the best song in the world, hell its not even rock, but good for the beginners to get their fingering techniques up. Cheers!
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