Deep Purple - Love Conquers All tab

Deep Purple - Love Conquers All
Tabbed by: Amarthil
Tuning: Standard (EBGDAE)

OK, here`s a more full tab. The solo is realy nice (Though it is farely easy to play). Enjoy! 
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Intro - Am

Am C Dm Am Feels like the end, when you're closer to losing your dreams G Than losing a friend. Am C Dm Am Flying blind. I'm shooting into the dark. G Who will I find? F G Am Dm C G Oh girl, and if it takes me a lifetime F G Am Dm I swear I'll tear down every wall. C Bb F Love conquers all. Am C Dm Am On my way. Tomorrow I rise with the sun. G Soon I'll be gone. Am C Dm Am Words can't say how the memories of feelings of love G They linger on F G Am Dm C G Oh girl, and if it takes me forever F G Am Dm I know it's worth every teardrop that falls C Bb F Love conquers all. Eb Bb Somewhere there's a place in your heart Fm Cm Where the wounds never heal Eb Bb You're not alone, well you're not alone F That's just how I feel Solo
F G Am Love conquers all Dm C G This one will last a lifetime F G Am And if love conquers all Dm C Bb This one will last forever
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