Deep Purple - Mitzi Dupree tab

                       --Mitzi Dupree--

                         Deep Purple

This is My first tab submit so please excuse the mess. I picked it up by ear with
a help from my dad. Its missing the solo but other than that i think that the chords
and the verse are correct I think but I do not have the exact way to strum them feel
free to ad-lib to the them.

The intro partE|----------------------------------------------------||B|-----6p4----------------------6p4-------------------||G|------------5p3---3--5--------------5p3-------------||D|-------------------------3---------------6~~~~------||A|----------------------------------------------------||E|----------------------------------------------------||
The Main Riff(play it twice like this, but the second time....E|---------------------------------------------4--------||B|--6-4------------4-----------6-4-----------4---6------||G|------5-3----3--5-5--3\1---------5-3---3-5------------||D|----------6-------------3------------6----------------||A|------------------------------------------------------||E|------------------------------------------------------||
Add this ending:E|--------------||B|--4-----------||G|-----3---1----||D|--------------||A|--------------||E|--------------||
Then the Verse Begins:
Flying to Salt Lake City, Seats 3a and bE|--8-----------6---------6-----------8----6-----6-----------||B|--10----------8---------6-----------10---8-----6-----------||G|--10----------8---------7-----------10---8-----7-----------||D|--10----------8---------8-----------10---8-----8-----------||A|--8-----------6---------8-----------8----6-----8-----------||E|--8-----------6---------6-----------8----6-----6-----------||
And thats how it remains for the rest of the Verse till...
Oh that look in her eyes, I can tell you no liesE|--4--4------4-----------6---6--------4----4----4-----6---6---||B|--4--4------4-----------6---6--------4----4----4-----6---6---||G|--5--5------5-----------7---7--------5----5----5-----7---6---||D|--6--6------6-----------8---8--------6----6----6-----8---8---||A|--6--6------6-----------8---8--------6----6----6-----8---8---||E|--4--4------4-----------6---6--------4----4----4-----6---6---||
I'm Just a Man, She Made me feel like a king (the Chorus thenE|--4--4------4-----------6---6----8----8----------------------||B|--6--6------6-----------8---8----8----8-------6-4------------||G|--6--6------6-----------8---8----9----9-----------5-3---3-5--||D|--6--6------6-----------8---8----8----8---------------6------||A|--4--4------4-----------6---6----10---10---------------------||E|--4--4------4-----------6---6----8----8----------------------||
Goes back into the main riff. Each note that you hit should coincide with the world Ian is singing. The rest of the song is the same except after the second time you sing the Chorus to go into the solo instead of ending like the usual:
the intro to the solo from the main riff goes like this(coming of the last note of the main riff):
And after you finish the solo just go back into the main riff and rinse and repeat. flying to salt lake city, seats 3a and b, I was down and needed a window, but in 3a sat mitzi dupree she said "hi I am mitzi, the queen of the ping pong where you going boy?" I said "nowhere" she said "I'm moving on" I thought what is this, i cannot resist, here she is, and i've always wanted a girl with a name a name like mitzi dupree, she said "what do you do?" i said "i'm a singer in a band" she said "ya i'm an entertainer" reached out and took my hand she was going to a mining town way up north to do her show i said it must be cold up there she said depends on who you know oh that look in her eye i can tell you no lies i'm just a man she made me feel like a king in my mind i love you mitzi dupree i said "what is this queen of the ping pong business?" she smiled "what do you think? it has no connection with china" i said "oow have another drink" well i knew right away that i'd seen her act before in a room behind a kitchen in bangkok and three or four times more in singapore she may not be the first but i know she ain't the worst she was mine but i ran out of time i miss you i love you mitzi dupree my darling mitzi dupree
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