Deer Tick - Dirty Dishes tab version 1

			     Dirty Dishes - Deer Tick
Tabbed by: Checkeroo

Tuning: Standard

Dm7	X5X565
Am/E	X7X585
F	X8X565
C/G	XX558X
F/A	XX7X65
Bb	6XX766

Dm7     Am7/E     F  C/G  F/A  
And I cried all night, you
Bb                      F              Am7/E
created a stream and it flows forever
             F  C/G  F/A 
it's made of dreams that
Bb                       F             Am7/E
didn't come true and I'm sorry,
                                F                  Am7/E    Dm7
there's nothing more that I can do

The  "F  C/G  F/A" part is really just a walk-up from F to Bb.
The other verses follow the same pattern.
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