Deer Tick - Song About A Man chords

Song: Song about a man
Artist: Deer Tick
Tabbed: Adam Martynuik

The only trick in this song is that he switches his ring finger on the C chord from the 
position on the fifth string (3rd fret) to the 6th string 3rd fret near the end of each 
of picking for that chord. Listen for changes as he holds certain chords for much 
longer than others.

Below is only an approximate picking pattern, listen to the song and just get a feel for 
is right. I tabbed this off an in store waterloo performance. Here is the link.

Capo 4th fret. Standard Tuning. Thumb and finger picks suggested.


       C/G                   F                G          Am              C

e|----0----------------------0--------------3-----3-------0-------------0-------|B|------1----------------------1--------------0------------1--------------1-----|G|------------------------------------------------------------2-----------------|D|---2--------------------3--------3------------0--------2---2-- -----2-------2-|A|--3--------3-----------3--------3--------2------------0------------3-------3--|E|----------3-----------------------------3-------------------------------------|
INTRO C/G repeated with harp solo VERSE
C F CHow can a man feel anything
G C/GWhen all he ever got was sympathy?
C F CTake both your hands and put them round my neck
G C/GYou're a fool for wanting everything
Am FIt couldn't be much fun being a millionaire to one
C/GCause a million's just a million of one thing
Am FCutting to the chase, I suppose there'll be a day
GWhen all your tired hands will be put to shame
VERSE I've got a restless old woman standing by my side She cannot wait for the finer things in life She waited all this time so I suppose she has the right But I drank away all the things I could provide CHORUS All of that aside I never meant to make her cry But crying is just the baby inside The ones that mess around that tend to fuss and bring us down Tugging at your lips to make you frown HARP SOLO VERSE So my grandson will be living with a chip on his shoulder And God don't listen to his prayers anymore I hope he understands when he's a little bit older That I always wished the best for him CHOURS Sing a lullaby in the morning when I rise Sing it 'til I'm far away from here If this can be my chance to feel it once in my life Then sing it brother, cause I don't even care END on harp solo with a bar of the verse chords.
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