Deer Tick - Friday Xiii tab

Friday Xii (by Deer Tick)

Come on baby, it's a quarter to five, I've been
living on the couch and losing my mind, I haven't 
gotten the touch in long, long time, since
G              B7
Friday the 13th, Part 9,
going to hell.

G                       Am
Come on baby, don't you feel alright, it feels 
B7                           Em
like forever since I've been warm at night, so let's get
C                          D
back to, uh,  all that was fair and just, oh won't you
B7     C    D    G    Em    Am
please love me again.

Note that the key jumps by a fourth to Am at the end of the chorus,
so now we play the next two verses and chorus in Am (but otherwise the same).
The key changes back to Em at the end of the chorus like this:

             E7     F    G    C    G  F#  F  Em
So won't you please love me again.

Solo chords:
Em // Am // Em // G / B / Em

The rest of the song stays in Em.

Electric guitar parts:Riff 1 (during intro)e|------------------|B|---------------0--|G|-7-7--6--5-----0--|D|-5-5--5--4-----2--|A|---------------2--|E|------------0-----|
Riff 2 (after first chorus)e|--------------------------------------------|B|-8s10----8h10p8--5------8-8-8-8--7-7--6--5--|G|-7s-9----7-------5------7-7-7-7--6-6--5--5--|D|-----------------------------------------7--|A|--------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
e|--------------|--------------|------------|------------|-------|B|--------------|--------------|------------|------------|-------|G|-(tr)-7-6-5-4-|-(tr)-7-6-5-4-|-(tr)-4-----|-(tr)-8-----|-9-----|D|--------------|--------------|------------|------------|-------|A|--------------|--------------|------------|------------|-------|E|--------------|--------------|------------|------------|-------| tr = tremelo picking
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