Deer Tick – 20 Miles tab


Tabbed by Sam Wallis (


C - G - Am - Em
(could also be played without capo... F - C - D - Am)

Finger picking please, rough picking guide:

   C            G            Am            Em  

C G Am Em Raindrops like bullets on my fragile skin C G Am Em And the securities I've had are creeping within C G Am Em Now I'm 20 miles outside of the place that you live C G Am Em And I need one more chance now that time's running thin Em C G Am Em Well you are the things that make up my dreams C G Am Em And I've spent every dime that jingles in my jeans C G Am Em I deserve every stone that's thrown out at me C G Am Em And I think of your smile, I'm in love with your teeth Em C G Am Em I'm losin' when I am not playin' no games C G Am Em Now, would you take me back when I gamble my pain? C G Am Em I've got no direction without her little fingers C G Am Em Barbed wire, razor wire, nothing keeps me from her C G Am Em Now if I had no boots, I'd trek through the mud C G Am Em While mosquitos are racing to draw the first blood C G Am Em If you're runnin' away, then I'm lookin' for you C G Am Em And if you've lost your way, I'm seein' you through.
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