Deer Tick – Little White Lies chords

Deer Tick
Little White Lies lyrics            

capo 4  all chords relative to capo

As shown on the first line, most all of the G's played will switch to 
G7 before the next transition to give it that country feel. Enjoy.
C G G7Well everybody, everybody who has reached out so far to me,
C DmWell never did we ever think that these were desperate times or misery,
FAnd they softly spoke of how it's supposed to be,
GNever did I think that I was so naive.
C ESo please let me be lonely tonight,
E FFor how many times I thought this was the life,
F GBut I'm not so sure I even am alive.
Well I've torn apart and warded off nearly every lover every friend, Every smile was so delicate, floated around until the nights would end, And I'd wander off and then I'd find a bed, With the thought of her still dancing 'round my head... So please let me be lonely tonight, How many times I thought that you were right, But I knew that they were all Little White Lies. Oh!
F CYou have my heart so take my money too,
Look at how I've gone and made myself a fool, I couldn't please you, you never believed that I was true, So darlin', oh darlin', please let me forget about you... Oh! So please let me be lonely tonight, You know that I don't want to have to yell or fight, No I'm not the one to judge what's wrong and right. So please, let me be lonely tonight, Oh I know that in your heart you'll be just fine, So forget you ever looked into my eyes.
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